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Trapped in your mind, the swirling thoughts of dreams and woes surround your every aspiration and whim.
It consumes your attention, and plagues your thoughts, leaving you stranded... alone.
Only the subtle glow from the radio and it's lucid tones, hold you on the edge of reality.
It is here we laugh and cry, relate and hate all at the drop of a solitary note.
Someone seems to relate to us and hears our pleas.

Save us all...
We are trapped with music in our minds.

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Trapped with Music in my Mind...

Sunday, December 26, 2004

This Christmas has been low for Greg and I this year. We haven't seen a lot of our friends, and we haven't celebrated Christmas with his family due to Chemotherapy that his father has to go through. His whole family can't even see each other with his dad's immune system so low and the kids having Chicken Pox. It feels that anything I wanted for Christmas was insignificant compared to the pain of Greg's family not being able to celebrate as a family for Christmas this year. That's why I picked this song. Something more significant should be asked for this Christmas, not clothing or computer items or things that just end up cluttering your home. Just being able to see our friends, and have them stop being so busy and to sit and chat for a while or for others, casting the issues aside for a while because seeing them is far more important than any "issues" whatever those "issues" may be. Having our family together at Christmas, despite the sickness and the erratic schedule of a mother who is a nurse and caretaker. There is so much to be thankful for and so much of the time we forget all about the forgiving and the time we need to take to celebrate with those we respect and love.

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