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Trapped in your mind, the swirling thoughts of dreams and woes surround your every aspiration and whim.
It consumes your attention, and plagues your thoughts, leaving you stranded... alone.
Only the subtle glow from the radio and it's lucid tones, hold you on the edge of reality.
It is here we laugh and cry, relate and hate all at the drop of a solitary note.
Someone seems to relate to us and hears our pleas.

Save us all...
We are trapped with music in our minds.

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Trapped with Music in my Mind...

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Growing up, I got to see my share of awesome movies: The Wizard of Oz (which is my all time favorite), Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, The Dark Crystal, The Secret of NIMH, The last Unicorn, The Flight of Dragons, Willow, The NeverEnding Story, The Princess Bride, Legend... and Labyrinth. Of them, The Labyrinth had the best music (The Wizard of Oz isn't even in the same category. Nothing compares to it, hush). The song I listed, done by David Bowie, is one of the best songs in the movie. It really pushed me to listen to more of his music. It's odd how certain movies are almost forgotten and how others spawn a bunch of groups dedicated to the continuation of the plot like: Cult of Jaden. The group believes there is a similarly looking brother (Jaden) set on claiming revenge on Jareth and plans on using Sarah in his devilish plot. I recently stumbled across the page and decided that I needed to watch the movie again, and the song just felt right to post. plus it will give those who have wanted the lyrics, someplace to find them. Oh and Thanks to for having all the movies I listed here in my recollection.

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