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Trapped in your mind, the swirling thoughts of dreams and woes surround your every aspiration and whim.
It consumes your attention, and plagues your thoughts, leaving you stranded... alone.
Only the subtle glow from the radio and it's lucid tones, hold you on the edge of reality.
It is here we laugh and cry, relate and hate all at the drop of a solitary note.
Someone seems to relate to us and hears our pleas.

Save us all...
We are trapped with music in our minds.

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Trapped with Music in my Mind...

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Have you ever felt that you've tried to apologize forever? Like there's this issue that can't be resolved and you want to apologize (and do) but it seems that although you hear that "it's ok" or "no problem" that it just doesn't seem to make the problem dissipate? I think everyone has that happen at some point. Wanting things to be resolved is critical for some people. To have people just waive it off like it never happened... but act as though they are still hurt by that very situation can be so draining and emotional. Those who want forgiveness will hang on that person's every word just to hear resolution slip from their lips. But half-hearted "no, really, it's ok" and an immediate cold shoulder confuses and bewilders them. They have to do more. They have to apologize more. They have to prove how stupid and wrong they were over and over, reliving the past to prove they aren't the same as before. And the person who they are asking this forgiveness of, just thinks they want to live in the past and just can't get over things and the cold shoulder comes from just wanting to move on, but not seeming to give that person any more chances. Somewhere in all of this, nothing is resolved... and they are all back going through the vicious circle again. Go to Staind's homepage, right now the this song is the first one that comes up when you visit the page. You can hear the song and hear what I mean. But as always... the lyrics are above.

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